21 Ideas for Your 21st Birthday Party

While we know you’ve gotten older and wiser since 18, sometimes it’s still a challenge to decide how to celebrate a milestone birthday as big as 21. Never fear though, we’ve come to the rescue with a whole list of 21st birthday party ideas that’ll inspire your inner party god.

Midnight to Midnight

Why not make the most of this milestone and turn it into an all day affair? Ok, so it might not be midnight to midnight, but with The Fox opening at 11am you can cruise down after a sleep in (which everyone deserves on their birthday, right?) just in time for lunch at Fish Lane Bistro before kicking the party up a notch to Dandys Rooftop.

The Costume Challenge

While a good ol’ costume party is not exactly a revelation, try challenging your guests to dress up only as people who were born on the same day as you. Bizarre costumes guaranteed.

The Surprise (Sort Of)

Sick of researching endless function rooms in brisbane and fretting about your 21st? Let your family and friends take over the duties, but with one condition. Tell them they can do whatever they want, as long as it’s at The Fox. That way you know the venue will be on point, and we’ll make sure your mum doesn’t go overboard with the sentimental stuff.

The Sophisticated Adult Option

Act like the adult that you now officially are and enjoy a private dining experience with your nearest and dearest in one of The Fox’s many charming function spaces.

The Boozy Brunch

Unlucky enough to have your 21st fall on a school night? Yeah, that’s most of us. Our suggested 21st birthday party idea is a boozy brunch, instead of a wild night. You still get the celebratory drinks but you aren’t left cursing your adult freedom the morning after.

 The Selfie Scavenger Hunt

In this day and age there’s only one way to preserve your memories, and that’s through selfies. Put together a list and spend the night making memories as you try and fulfil your friends 21 most bizarre selfie challenges.

Make Two Days of It

Fortunately for us lucky Australians, we can begin our celebrations before 21 actually rolls around. Start the celebration a day before your actual birthday to make the most of the occasion.

 The Party With a View

When you think of your birthday and the photos you’ll be looking back on in the years to come, what do you envision? If it’s you and all your friends looking on top of the world, book out Dandys Rooftop at The Fox and get that skyline view in your birthday shots.

Scenic Flights

Your 21st is one of the biggest events in your life. Step into adulthood with an epic scenic flight with a few of your closest. Helicopter charters in Brisbane offer a range of chartered and scenic flights around South East Queensland. Glide over North Stradbroke and Moreton Island or take in Brisbane City from a bird’s eye view.

The Artistic Option

Step out of the cookie cutter mould and show your artistic side. Fish Lane Studios is a dynamic, creative space that you can deck out however you like for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Free Room Hire Friday

Whether your birthday does or does not fall on a Friday, hold off trying to fit in all the celebrations that 21 deserves on a Tuesday, and push it out to a Friday function at The Fox. With free room hire, buy one get one free food platters and free bottle service with set bar spends, it won’t hurt to postpone your celebrations – click here to find out more.

The Mid-Week Soiree

If your heart is set on celebrating on the day of, don’t worry about what we said in #11. The Fox has great options for a mid-week soiree too, with cocktail functions starting from only $45pp. Just make sure to let everyone know in advance so they can think up a good excuse for a sickie the day after.

Skip the Queue

Nothing will bring down your 21st more the standing in line at the bar all night. Avoid this by setting yourself up in The Atrium at the Fox. With it’s own private bar you’ll have fuss free drinks all night.

The House Party

Want the vibes of a house party but without the hassle of hosting? The Fox has so many function room options that you can get the house party feel whether you’re inviting 50 or 500 people.

The Entertainer

Set your 21st birthday apart by going the route of live entertainment in the Long Bar. With its own stage you can invite along everyone you know to bask in the atmosphere of your live music choices.

21 Drinks

This one is perhaps the most well known and worst idea of them all, according to your liver. We can’t stress this enough, but don’t try and cram all those drinks into one sitting. Enjoy a full day celebration, starting with a champagne breakfast and going from there.

The Colourful Option

Or the not so colourful option, if that’s your thing. Just get everyone to turn up in the same colour, whether it’s a bright green or an all white affair, it’s an easy way to make an impact.

The Un-Deletable Photos

Supply plenty of disposable cameras to your guests and get them to snap all night long. While you’re probably going to cringe at some (ok, most) of the snaps, they’re memories you can enjoy for many years.

The Themed Option

You either love or hate themed parties, but if you’re a fan, there’s no better time to throw one than your 21st. Base your theme on the year you were born and get ready to feel nostalgic.

The Personalised Playlist

Ramp up the sentimental factor of the occasion and get those closest to you to compile a playlist of 21 songs that remind them of you. Incorporate it into the speeches, or play it loud to kick things off.

Enjoy Yourself

This is our most important tip of all for your 21st. Enjoy yourself! No matter what you get up to, take the time to mark the occasion in whatever way suits you.

Now that you’ve got plenty of options to choose from, tick one thing off the list and end the search for 21st birthday venues. Book one of The Fox’s function spaces today and we’ll help you stress less about throwing the perfect party.

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