12 Sensational 30th Birthday Party Ideas At The Fox Hotel

So, you’re about to hit the big 3-OH. Now, that could mean one of two things – either you’ve been dreading this moment and you’ve devised a list of excuses as to why you shouldn’t celebrate, OR,  you’re ready to embrace the next stage of your life, and want to welcome your 30’s in style.

Either way, as far as we’re concerned, you should do something special because, you deserve it. And, you only turn 30 once!

But if the thought of organising your 30th (or, perhaps someone else’s 30th) is all too much, here are 12 amazing 30th birthday party ideas to get you thinking.

30th Birthday Party Idea 1: The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party (with a birthday twist)

Some habits die hard, and your routine from years long gone seems set to stay the same forever. Partying hard, staying up late – it’s enough to make your friends want to take a nap just watching.

Hit Dandy’s Rooftop with as much gusto as you did at 21 and spend the night divvying your time between the dance floor, cocktail jugs, and a wood-fired pizza to two.

For anyone who told you that 30 looks like tweed jackets, full-time jobs, and wedding rings, you can tell them once and for all: it looks like a hefty jug of Pimm’s Cup Punch and more arancini balls than you can stomach.

30th Birthday Party Idea 2: The Settling Down, Low-Key 30th

Do party-hard friends whinge behind your back about how ‘together’ your life is?

Whether you’re married, have kids, or working a cool AF job, you’ve adapted to a more ‘chilled out’ routine long before the thirty train arrived. So, leave the hangovers in your twenties, and enjoy a chilled night of casual dinner and drinks at Fish Lane Bistro and the Long Bar.

30th Birthday Party Idea 3: The ‘I’m never turning 30’ 30th Birthday Do

If the word ‘thirty’ is whispered in hushed tones, and secretive texts are distributed in lieu of party invites, you may consider hosting an intimate function at The Fox.

Keep your new age bracket on the down-low in smaller function spaces like The Collectors Room and The Boudoir. With just a few close friends to enjoy the evening with (and a hefty bar tab to accompany), who’s to say you’re not still 29?

30th Birthday Party Idea 4: 30 Years Young And Ready To Party

If you embrace getting older, seeing it as an excuse to celebrate your achievements on this planet, an extravagant birthday soirée is the perfect way to do it. Celebrate three decades over a range of delicious canapés and free-flowing beverages in Fish Lane Creative Studios.

This stunning space is perfect for a b’day event with a difference. You’re never too old for a big night out so get ready to let your hair down.

30th Birthday Party Idea 5: The Cruisy Long Lunch

Some people just seem to cruise through life. If you’re in the mood for a laid-back affair, then a cruisy long lunch is a great way to say ‘see you later’ to your 20s. The Acadia room is the perfect 30th birthday party venue for a relaxed lunch – with bespoke furnishings, and access to a private bar.

Settle in for an afternoon of drinks and tasty bites as you catch up with friends and family.  

30th Birthday Party Idea 6: The Early Bird

You’re stepping into your thirties now, which probably means sleeping in until the pm is a thing of the past. If you love your mornings, kick-start your 30th celebrations with an indulgent brunch spread with us. Sip bellinis and fill your belly with hotcakes, scones, eggs, bacon and fruit – or whatever your heart desires.

The Verandah Room is the perfect space for your birthday brunch, with its wooden floors and refreshing tropical decor.

30th Birthday Party Idea 7: Wine and Dine 

It’s your 30th lap around the sun, so why not make it special by splurging on a more formal sit-down meal with some great wine?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll love our Collectors Room.  Designed for an intimate dining experience, complete with your own team of dedicated wait staff, we think it’s a pretty sensational way to celebrate such an important milestone.

30th Birthday Party Idea 8: Big B’day Bash

For those of you super keen to go ‘all out’ for your 30th birthday party, we’d recommend warning the crew that they’re in for a huge night. You know, just because you’re a nice human.

And with views overlooking the Brisbane skyline, hosting your birthday on up on Dandy’s rooftop means you’re guaranteed to have a top-notch night.

Our rooftop space can reserve spots for 20-150 people, and you can have the rooftop exclusively for up to 360 people.

30th Birthday Party Idea 9: Cocktail Party

If you want to get a lil’ bit fancy for your 30th birthday, why not get everyone to dress up for a fancy cocktail party? With an array of delicious cocktails, as well as an extensive beverage menu, the Fox is the perfect location for a birthday do. Hire one of our many spaces to suit your guest-list, and dance the night away…cocktail in hand.

30th Birthday Party Idea 10: After Work Drinks 

For the perfect low-key birthday celebration, assemble the crew for a few after work drinks. This is perfect for those of who might be keen on having some sort of birthday celebration, without all the fuss.

We’ve got a variety of spaces on offer to host your event, but, if you want to keep numbers down, be sure to nab one of our booths.

And don’t forget, groups of 10 or more will receive a complimentary platter! Because, you know, we’re cool like that.

30th Birthday Party Idea 11: Cocktail Making Class

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make your favourite cocktails, your 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity.

Because let’s be honest, we all get lazy sometimes and can’t be bothered going out to a bar, but we all want to be able impress our friends by whipping up a tasty beverage. So, why not give us a call and arrange for us to teach you and your guests how to make some of our signature cocktails? We think it’s a pretty superb way to celebrate your 30th, too!

30th Birthday Party Idea 12: Book A Photo Booth

Whoever invented the photo booth is a dead set genius in our book. And it makes for a sensational addition to any birthday bash. They’re a great way to remember the night (especially if you knock back a few bevies), as well as capture special moments with your nearest and dearest.

The Fox is one of Brisbane’s most popular 30th birthday venues, and for good reason. So, get in touch and let’s talk all things par-tay!

Book your 30th Birthday Party now!

Now that we’ve given you a helping hand with your 30th birthday party planning, be sure to give us a call to lock in your preferred date and function area. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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