Ok team, the End of Financial Year is almost upon us and that means only one thing, it’s time to ditch the desk and lock in that EOFY party once and for all! But just in case you need a little help convincing the big man upstairs (the one in the suit and tie, not the one with sandals and a beard) we’ve put together the perfection equation for why your office + the Fox Hotel = EOFY party success.


Calculate your party interests

It doesn’t take a genius to put 2 + 2 together (though Michael from accounts might beg to differ) so why should booking corporate function spaces be any trickier? Take 9 versatile functions spaces, add a premium bar tab and divide it amongst your office and you’ve got the makings of the perfect EOFY party. To think our year 11 maths teacher said we weren’t paying attention – check mate, Miss Deborah.


Deduct the boring

Now you’ve almost got the makings of a perfect EOFY party it’s time to deduct those borings add ons (settle down Michael, we’re not talking about you). We’re talking about ditching the drab corporate function spaces, party games and name tags that make you wish you’d dobbed your boss in for tax fraud when you had the chance, and lock in some genuine fun instead. Why not bust a move on the dancefloor with your own private DJ, or make some lasting memories in a custom photo booth for your event? Just remember, what happens in the photo booth, doesn’t always stay in the photo booth.


Double your returns

So you’ve got the function room hire, Brisbane’s best atmosphere and the entertainment covered, the only thing left to do is to double your returns with our exclusive EOFY party deal. For a limited time only, book your mid year blowout with The Fox Hotel and we’ll spice up your fiesta by doubling your bar tab for FREE!


But hurry, spaces are disappearing faster than your tax return. Book now to avoid missing out on Brisbane’s best EOFY party deal.