How To Make The Perfect Grazing Table

Remember when the humble cheese and kabana platter was the bees knees of party food? Fast-forward to today, and nibblies have evolved so much that we’d be shocked if you hadn’t experienced the magnificence of a grazing table during your lifetime. Tasty morsels of cheese, cured meats, pickled vegetables, seasonal fruits, and condiments; are you drooling yet?

If you’re planning an event and need to feed people en masse, grazing platters are a simple and effective solution. So, to help you out, here are our tips on how to make the perfect grazing table.

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The fun of creating a grazing table starts at the very beginning. As a rule, we suggest a minimum of three cheeses per board, with a balanced mix of sharp, creamy, and something completely unique. There’s always someone willing to dunk their cracker into the funky looking cheese with multi-coloured growth; and we’re all for encouraging that!



Let us assure you that when it comes to creating the perfect grazing table, not just any meats will do. Let Bunnings keep their BBQ sausages, and the local steakhouse can keep their ribs. As far as grazing tables are concerned, it’s all about specialty cured meats. You know; your ham, salami, prosciutto, pancetta, and pastrami.


Pickled Vegetables

As humans, we’ve evolved incredibly over the past twenty years, to the point where we’re now serving up an extensive range of pickled vegetables on grazing platters for our friends and fam. Turnips, cucumbers, beetroots, pumpkins, you name it, it’s on the grazing table.

Commiserations to the onions though, they were just never enough.


The grazing platter Bonnie to your Clyde. The purpose of the condiment selection is to balance the platter and merge more flavours on to that cracker than you ever thought possible. Who knew a sharply sweet hit of quince paste made the mellow piece of camembert taste one million times better? Quince knew, that’s who. Other favourable condiments include honeycomb, mustards and preserves.



All the lead characters have made an appearance on the grazing table, so it’s time to garnish generously with fruit. Dried, fresh; whatever genre of fruit you prefer, we’re not biased. While you’re at it, sprinkle on a few handfuls of nuts, keeping in mind that if you’re aiming for a higher person-to-platter happiness ratio, avoid peanuts for allergy reasons. Comprende?


Vegetarian Options

Because we’re all about catering to every type of foodie, we’re heading straight to the vegetarian MVP with olives. Stuffed, pitted, marinated; you know exactly the salty, mouth-watering goodness we’re talking about. Of course, there’s also semi-dried tomatoes, capers, and dolmades, too.



These days the dip selection takes up an exclusive aisle of grocery store real estate. There are so many flavours to choose from, that the biggest decision you have to make is choosing a select few for your grazing platter masterpiece. The trick is to include a few different variations to satisfy every type of guest at your shindig, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, full carnivore and everyone in-between.



Okay, so your senses are going wild over the variety of flavours on your grazing table, now all you need is a few vessels to transfer them within range of your face. Throw in a combination of textures with crackers, freshly baked baguettes and lavish bread, and your grazing platter will be complete.


Let Us Make The Perfect Grazing Table For Your Next Event

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