Our pizza philosphy


Our pizza philosophy is simple. We start with proven traditional dough making techniques and combine these with world-class ingredients from incredible local suppliers.

There’s something about the way we create our dough that makes the pizza bases at The Fox unlike any other!

After some pretty extensive flour trials, we found a locally milled blend from our friends at Mauri Australia that creates a dough we can age much longer than most. Embracing this slow process has brought a new depth to our bases. Allowing our dough to proof over a longer period brings a richer flavour to the crust and creates a base with incredible structure.

Our Napoli sauce is made with San Marzano Tomatoes that are famous for their wonderfully balanced flavour which makes for the ultimate base. As for our tasty toppings, we use only the best ingredients from a bunch of incredible supplies such as Vaneli’s prosciutto (seriously tasty) and LP Meats renowned cotto salami. Finally, each pizza is topped with Vanella Cheese’s buffalo mozzarella and fior di latte. Pure perfection! 


We're Closed

The Fox Hotel is currently closed and undergoing repairs following the recent floods. We plan to reopen 1st July 2022 and look forward to welcoming you into our venue then.