pub trivia Hosted by funky bunch trivia

Bored of the same old Wednesday? Come on down to The Fox Hotel for your weekly dose of PUB TRIVIA!

Hosted by FUNKY BUNCH TRIVIA, we guarantee you won’t be groaning about the mid week again!

Utilizing the latest technology and know how, we bring you an audio-visual feast that will redefine the way you think of trivia nights. IT’S MORE LIKE A GAME SHOW… but with drinks available… and less Andrew O’Keefe…

No more washed-out trivia hosts. No more uninspiring questions off an A4 piece of paper. Just your weekly dose of humour and relatively obscure questions to find out who will be crowned FOX CHAMPION!

BOOK NOW: Brisbane's best pub trivia
To book your table, email or call us on 07 3844 2883 – and make sure you bring your quizzical best for The Fox’s Pub Trivia!!