Introducing Our DIY Warehouse Event Space

As the summer months hit, and the dawning of the new year seeps in, social calendars begin to fill with an influx of events.

Party season is upon us and whether it’s an engagement, a wedding, a birthday, or a Christmas event you’ll be hosting this year, our newly renovated DIY Brisbane events space proves to be the perfect venue for every type of shindig.

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Milestone Birthdays

You only have one shot each year to celebrate the magnificent human you are, and when it comes to milestone birthdays; they’re even rarer. Since we don’t want you wasting your opportunity to shine, we’re laying down the facts, plain and simple.

Whether you’re celebrating your 18th, 21st, 40th or 100th lap around the sun, DIY event spaces can totally handle whatever form of self-expression you want to lay down. So, book the photo booth and roving entertainment, order an indulgent grazing table, and throw all your outrageous ideas into a blank space where they’ll come alive.

Wedding Receptions

Okay, you’ve said your vows and the legalities are out of the way; now it’s time to celebrate with the love of your life. If you’re a couple who wants a stronghold on creative direction and all the trimmings of a magical wedding reception, blank canvas event venues gift every bride and groom with complete personalisation of their event.

When it comes to creating memories that are loaded with love, laughter, fun and sentiment; you’re going to want to tweak every detail to your heart’s content, and our DIY Warehouse Event space is perfect place to do so. 

Function Rooms Brisbane

Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event can be tricky, and chances are that you’re going to have to implement a lot of different, quirky, and downright random ideas into your function if you’re going to keep everyone in the office happy.

Step into the Fox and you’ll find one of Brisbane’s best DIY event spaces, full of limitless possibility to please a tough crowd. Mary in accounts can have her photo booth, Rina in admin can have her 80s cover band, Doug in marketing can have his piñata, and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.


Themed parties

Brisbane blank canvas event spaces are a no-brainer when you have a themed party to plan. From monochrome coloured parties with their single-coloured decorations, to Mexican fiestas with their mariachi bands, and the 70s with a jukebox and flares.

Whatever you’re celebrating, let the theming do the talking. Our DIY venue will simply act as a vessel to transport your guests to another time, another place, or another being for the night.


Christmas Celebrations

When you want to plan a Christmas party with a point of difference, DIY events spaces are the best early Christmas present you can gift yourself. Whether it’s a sit-down dinner, long lunch, or cocktails and canapés served as your crew mingles around the hottest looking Christmas tree in town; deck the walls all the holly and embrace the flexibility of a blank canvas venue.

Something tells us that with the amount of cool ideas floating around inside your mind, your Christmas party will be the (second) most wonderful night of the year.

Function Rooms Brisbane

Create your dream event in our DIY Warehouse Event space!

Ready to host an epic end of year party? Book your function in our newly renovated DIY warehouse events space! Contact our team today to organise a tour and lock in your preferred dates.

We're Closed

The Fox Hotel is currently closed and undergoing repairs following the recent floods. We plan to reopen 1st July 2022 and look forward to welcoming you into our venue then.